If you have damaged teeth or feel as if the look of your teeth detracts from your overall appearance, you might want to consider a dental bonding procedure as a potential remedy. A quick and easy procedure, bonding is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures at Galloway Dental.

What Is Dental Bonding?

a female dentist working on a patient with dental bonding Dental bonding, also known as teeth bonding, is a procedure that applies a tooth-colored composite material for the purpose of repairing or enhancing the visual appeal of your teeth. While this may seem similar to the application of veneers, bonding is not performed with pre-manufactured materials like veneers. 

Dental bonding in Mesquite, TX can occur in the same appointment. There’s no waiting period like veneers after taking a mold of the teeth. The doctor applies the bonding material directly to the tooth and shapes the material to maximize its aesthetic appeal. We often recommend in cases where teeth are not in bad shape as to require veneers or other cosmetic procedures.

Should You Get Teeth Bonding?

Bonding is a relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive procedure, but it is not appropriate for all situations and conditions. Severely broken or damaged teeth may be beyond help by this procedure, and drastically uneven teeth may require orthodontic correction. However, the procedure can help a number of conditions including:

What To Expect From A Bonding Procedure

A dental bonding procedure requires very little in the way of preparation and may not even require any anesthetic. 

For best results, we usually complete it after a teeth cleaning so that the dentist can match the color of the resin to the natural appearance of the teeth. The dentist will prepare the surface of the tooth for bonding with an abrasive instrument and then coat the affected area of the tooth with a liquid that will help in the bonding procedure. The resin used in the procedure has the appearance of putty as it is being applied, but it will harden into a material that is virtually indistinguishable from enamel once treated with an ultraviolet light or laser intended for this purpose. 

After it has hardened, the dentist will continue to scrape it with instruments that will trim and polish it until it matches your teeth and has the desired shape. The time required for this procedure varies. On average it takes about 30 minutes per tooth that is being treated. In some cases, this will occur over several appointments rather than during one long appointment.

Do you think that bonding is exactly what you have been looking for? Galloway Dental offers professional teeth bonding in Mesquite, TX. To inquire further or schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 469.273.1376 and take your first step toward a perfect smile.