Removable partial dentures are a form of dental prosthetic. They include not only replacement teeth but also gum-colored plastic bases that are specifically made for the person wearing them. There may also be metal bridgework to hold them more firmly in place against existing teeth. In some cases, you may also need to have crowns on your existing teeth to make for a better fit with the partial dentures in Mesquite, TX. These replacements for your teeth can provide not only improved eating and chewing but also significantly improve the appearance of your teeth.

What To Expect With New Removable Dentures

Your first set of removable dentures may take some getting used to. When they are first put in, they may feel awkward or even uncomfortable. This feeling is a result of your mouth having missing teeth and should improve with time. 

It takes some practice to be able to put in and remove your dentures. Be careful the first few days to follow all of the instructions given to you. It’s important not try to force the dentures into place. This could be painful or even result in damage to the clasps that hold the dentures in place. 

Depending on the model of dentures, you may have a limit on the amount of time worn in a day. Be mindful of this guideline and remember to remove them daily for cleaning.

Adjusting To Having Dentures

When you first start wearing dentures, you may need to wear them throughout the entire day and take them out only at night. However, if you feel sore spots or see redness on your gums, you may need to adjust them. Your dentist will be able to adjust the dental trays to fix better and relieve the pressure on these areas. 

Additionally, you should find that eating is easier when the dentures are in, but if you experience any difficulty or find them coming loose while biting or chewing, you should report this to the dentist as well. At first, you may need to avoid foods that are hard or sticky as these can pull the dentures free. The longer you use the dentures, the more you will be comfortable eating a variety of foods.

Benefits Of Removable Partial Dentures

Wearing your dentures should not only make it easier to eat, but you should immediately notice that it is affecting the way that you speak. In the long term, this should improve your pronunciation of words but it takes time and practice to adjust to having the dentures in your mouth.  You should also find saliva control much easier as you adjust to your new dentures. 

Removable dentures are easy to clean.  When you take them out, brush them with a denture cleaner much like you would your natural teeth to keep them clean and prevent stains.

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