You may not know yet what kind of dental work you need now or in the future, so the team here at Galloway Dental gives you peace of mind by providing a wide variety of services to ensure that we can meet all of your dental needs. Our general dentistry services include preventative, reconstructive, cosmetic, and even emergency services. This way you can be certain that we will be able to provide for your dental health no matter what you need done.

Preventative Treatments

a woman talking to her dentist about general dentistry services It is much easier to prevent dental conditions from arising than it is to fix them, and this is why our primary aim is preventative maintenance of your oral health. Our regular check-up and cleaning schedule keeps us on top of what is going on with your teeth and gums while orthodontic work can ensure that your teeth come in correctly or fix problems that have already developed with your bite. 

Younger patients may benefit from sealants to help prevent cavities in the natural indentations of the teeth. Preventative care is a long-term relationship, and we develop a care plan that can ensure your oral health. We also provide oral cancer screenings for your gums, throat, tonsils, lips, and tongue so that you can put your mind at ease.

Reconstructive Procedures

If you have damaged or lost teeth, this can be a painful or disfiguring condition. A general dentist in Mesquite, TX can give you your smile back with some of the latest procedures and techniques available. We provide crowns and bridgework for broken or failing teeth as well as fitted removable dentures for severe tooth loss. 

Root canals and crowns can save your failing teeth and prevent extractions. If you have already lost teeth and want a permanent solution, we have HIOSSEN Dental Implants to reconstruct your smile. If you suffer from a receding gum line, you may be at risk of losing teeth, but with the help of the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique™, we can take the necessary steps to treat your gums and save your teeth. 

For more advanced periodontal care for gum disease, we can refer you to the best professionals in the industry for treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have older dental work that you find aesthetically displeasing, we use the latest techniques to quickly and easily replace this work with new structures that more closely resemble natural, healthy teeth. We also provide services to enhance the appearance of your existing teeth and get the most out of your smile. 

We keep your smile looking its best with a variety of services including:

Pediatric Dentistry

Children should start visiting the dentist early so they can become acquainted with annual dental visits and excellent dental care.  Our pediatrics staff members know and understand this, and as a result, we have had the opportunity to work with children of all ages, including toddlers and infants. 

When seeing young patients, we focus on tooth growth and teaching children about best teeth care practices.  When necessary, we will prescribe fluoride and recommend dental sealants.

As a practice, we understand going to the dentist can be scary for children.  For this reason, our warm, friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring that your children enjoy their dental experiences with us.

General Dentistry Services

We understand that some dental conditions are so severe that they just can’t wait for a distant appointment date. For conditions such as loosened, lost, or broken teeth, oral infections, or abscesses, you may need immediate care. We are dedicated to providing that care through our general dentistry services in Mesquite, TX. If we are unable to get you in for any reason, we promise to use our referral network to get you the help you need from another office.

If you have need of general dentistry services, please think of us. Give us a call at 469.273.1376 and join the Galloway Dental Family.