The staff at Galloway Dental realizes that the formative years are the most important when it comes to dental health. Many life-long dental problems begin in childhood. High-quality dental care can make a huge difference as children grow to adulthood. Our goal is to provide the best pediatric dentistry services to every child and foster an environment that is positive and comfortable for children. The trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be a grim occasion for kids or their parents, but rather one where dental health coincides with just a little bit of fun.

The Importance Of Pediatric Dental Care

a female dentist showing a young patient the importance of pediatric dentistry You want your kids to have a great smile and a healthy life, and our trained pediatric dental staff has the skills to ensure that they can get the care they need in a pain-free and stress-free environment. Toddlers and younger children can feel frightened to go to the dentist, but even a simple exam with children’s dentistry in the early years can make a huge difference. 

Simple procedures, such as putting in dental sealants, can help to prevent painful cavities well into the adult years. If teeth are still coming in, you may need an examination to discover if there are any problems. These problems can range from crowding of the teeth to impacted molars. These will likely prevent a perfect smile in the future.

A Dentist Office For Kids

It is best for children to visit the dentist’s office for the first time early in life so that they can become used to the experience. A great pediatric team can make these visits happy ones where your children are meeting new friends rather than merely attending medical appointments. When kids are familiar and friendly with the staff, they will be much less anxious and more cooperative as they learn how to care for their teeth for life.

An Experienced Pediatric Dentistry Team

The pediatric team of Galloway Dental has a wealth of experience working with children, from infants to teenagers. Experience makes all the difference when it comes time to perform dental and periodontal exams. Especially in the case of first time exams, the dentist’s chair and the equipment can seem very strange. Our staff will be able to ease your kids into the experience and patiently answer their questions.

What To Expect From Your Child’s Exam

An initial exam assesses the progress of your child’s dental growth to include mapping out how their teeth are growing in and whether your child is on schedule with teething. The examination will also check for decay, which is becoming more common in younger children.

If there is any evidence of decay or problems with the gums we provide gentle, preventative care as well as oral hygiene lessons for your child. These lessons will be more effective with regularly scheduled visits and reminders until they become second nature. The greater share of dental care doesn’t happen in the dentist’s chair but rather over the bathroom sink.

Dental Care You Can Take With You

Every child that visits Galloway Dental leaves with a dental hygiene kit. This will help them maintain their dental health until their next appointment. In some cases, we provide a tasty fluoride rinse to help reduce decay for children who may not be getting enough fluoride from their diet. This is likely because they live in a community where the water is not fortified with the mineral.

In addition to pediatric dentistry in Mesquite, TX, we also offer: 

In conclusion, every child deserves the best dental care possible, and Galloway Dental provides that care for your whole family. For more information or to schedule an appointment for pediatric dentistry in our Mesquite, TX office, give us a call at 469.273.1376 for a consultation.